The World’s Biggest Chrome Rims

July 3, 2009 admin Automotive

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Forget 22″ rims and tires. Forget anything you have ever seen on the streets as far as rims go. Forget just about everything you have seen on the MTV series Pimp My Ride. Because the world’s biggest rims have been found, and let me tell you they are out of control and insane!

Talk about custom wheels. After doing an internet search I came across a picture of 40” chrome rims on a Black Chevy SUV. Overkill, surely, kind of awesome, yes!

With the specialty accessories rims and tires business growing rapidly it was just a matter of time before it had to get bigger and better. These rims are bigger than those on a semi-truck.

If you thought 20” rims were banging, then you have another thing coming. One has to wonder if this car can make it into any underground parking garages.

If you combined those rims with a raised truck you would be in business for one of the ultimate pimp my ride experiences. These rims look like you could fit small children inside of them and take them for a spin just like they were on an amusement park ride.

Rims are an easy way to change the look of your vehicle, and 40” ones will definitely do the trick. There has been a new re-emergence of these chrome wheels like we haven’t seen for many years. I believe wheels like these and the new advent of making chrome feel like it upgrades the car is car enthusiasts yearning for a past that they never were really a part of.

Think back to the days where chrome was not custom, but completely expected. Cars these days feel like they are practically made out of plastic. Heck, most of the interior already is. And really, a bit of an upgrade never really did hurt anyone. 40” rims might though! :)

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