How to Become a Mechanic

March 23, 2011 admin Careers

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Depending on your point of view professional mechanics are either mysterious magicians who can make a broken car run or they are people who know just a little bit more about cars than you do and get paid a fortune to do it. If you fall in the latter category you may wonder what else you need to learn about auto repair in order to switch careers.

While most mechanics started tinkering with cars when they were adolescents or even helped their dad, uncle or big brother with repairs when they were young children, they have more knowledge than can be gleaned from random experience. They have undergone several years of study and training. They have probably passed certification tests offered by schools or by the car companies and engine manufacturers.

Specialization is common in the repair industry. You can find a mechanic who is a walking, talking motorcycle repair manual or someone who knows everything about diesel trucks. Nowadays mechanics may specialize in alternative fuel vehicles or auto body repair in addition to traditional automotive and truck repair.

The best way to become a mechanic is to enroll in a vocational or training school that is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation . Certified programs can take one to two years and should include plenty of hands on work. Some high schools also offer programs so that you can earn certification and start work as soon as you graduate.

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