Helping Others With Psychology

May 21, 2011 admin Health

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The healing arts have long been associated with helping repair and maintain the physical body. Physicians, surgeons, and nurses are at the front line of these professions. Others in this sphere include radiologists, respiratory therapists, dentists, physical therapists, and countless other specialties that heal the body.

There is another branch of the healing arts that deals with the mind and spirit. This is usually represented by those who work as counselors and therapists. Some may have medical degrees, but many will have a masters in psychology or social work. They will have studied extensively how individuals think and how emotions are tied to both mental processes and behavior. This prepares them for the job of working directly with patients, sometimes known as clients, to improve their mental and emotional lives.

To put it more plainly therapists help people feel better about themselves and to live their lives in a more positive and successful manner. They are more than simple coaches, because they have training in therapeutic techniques and are usually certified in some way to be counselors. Clergy who have studied psychology are more likely to intertwine spiritual constructs with mental health while other therapists may focus more on the emotions and behavior without a specific religious framework. Therapists have just as many specializations to heal the mind as medical professionals have to heal the body.

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