Animals in Sydney

August 26, 2011 admin AnimalsTechnology

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With the kinds of urban legends around things like stone fish, taipans, and the box jellyfish, anyone with a hankering for dangerous places can find Sydney to be the perfect antidote for an otherwise humdrum year.  However, it’s perhaps equally likely that anyone looking to escape the usual stresses of a day-to-day schedule will find it to be perfectly secure, and probably a lot safer than most cities.  It is one of those things that depends on the perceptions and the expectations of the observer.

But there is little doubt that anywhere in Australia has a certain street value in terms of adventure in the eyes of most world travelers.  There’s something about the rugged outback, with its images of fierce individualism and people who are hearty enough to survive the most intense extremes the elements can dish out, that draws the adventure-minded year after year.  The irony, or perhaps the widely-known secret, is that the cities are some of the most elegant places in the world, and can offer every kind of distraction for nearly any traveler.

The appeal of the animals, however, can’t be denied.  And it’s not just the friendly ones, or at least the friendly-sounding ones, like the wallaby.  Usually, the folks looking for hotels in sydney australia are not necessarily seeking out the most dangerous animals in the world, but the idea that it’s possible makes things a little more thrilling.

Most people do understand that the chances are very slim, on the same kind of level of seeing a rattlesnake at a resort in the Southwest desert in the U.S.  It’s a similar kind of thrill, too.  Being somewhere that’s even remotely close to the taipan, or the blue ring octopus, is interesting.
There are still some iconic notions of world travel that hold steady places in the cultural imaginary.  One of these just might be that anyone who wants to spend time at every intercontinental hotel sydney offers, would also naturally have come face to face with some of its dangerous beasts.  It’s more likely, however, that one is always more likely to find a lovely city opening up new ways.  Sydney has more than just wild animals, but the idea of the mythic outback still runs strong through the streets.

{{Information |Description=Photo of a blue-ringed octopus taken by David Breneman underneath the coal loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay in NSW, Australia on the 24th of March, 2007. |Source=Originally from [ en.wikipedia]; descrip)

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