Watching for Owls in Maryland

September 17, 2011 admin Animals

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Bird watching is a very special kind of past time. It’s not one that typically attracts the young, or those who have issues with concentrating or just sitting still. It’s not just a sport for the near recently deceased, either, as there are plenty of nature enthusiasts who necessarily are fit and active that also engage in the activity of looking for birds. Like anything else in Rockville, trails for hikers are well-trod and well-cared for. There are plenty of opportunities for the most active outdoor lovers to find places to really get away from it all, and begin to explore the enormous diversity of birds in the area.

Newcomers and visitors will be in for some magnificent treats, and discover why the area is so coveted. It’s also easy to see why the locals take such careful attention to the design of their homes. Some might say that at times the windows and window dressings come close to competing with the beauty of nature. On most days, however, the natural sights are simply stunning.

However, the nights are also pretty spectacular. Night time, for bird watchers, is typically a challenge, for obvious reasons. But for owl lovers, that’s of course the only time worth considering. One of the marvelous things about bird watching in Maryland is that of the 18 species of owls in North America , here there are 8. For those with patience and persistence, it is a particularly rewarding place. Long-earned, short-eared, snowy, screech, barn, and barred all pass through the state at one time or another during the course of the year. There are skills for owl watching, to be sure, but the basic rules of common sense are good guides for beginning. Get to know the area well during the day, and start becoming familiar with signs that owls might be near. Then, set out before it gets too dark, get comfortable, and get quiet. If no owls appear, it’s still a lovely place to be spending time in the great outdoors.

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