Keeping an Exotic Pet Can Be Costly

February 23, 2013 admin Animals

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Owning a pet is an extremely rewarding experience. Not only do pets offer ongoing companionship, but it studies have indicated that the act of caring for and showing affection to an animal is psychologically healthy, reduces stress and improves physical health.Today’s pet owners are following a trend of turning away from the expected cats and dogs in favor of more exotic companion animals such as lizards, exotic birds, snakes, pigs, chinchillas or other forms of domesticated wild animals.

sugar gliderWhile owning an exotic animal can be exciting and fun, it is also a major responsibility that should be prepared for carefully prior to purchasing the animal. It is important to remember that an exotic pet has ownership considerations beyond those of more common domesticated animals. One of the primary considerations is the costs associated with not only purchasing, but properly caring for an exotic animal. Before you purchase an exotic pet, it is critical that you do plenty of research in order to learn everything that you can about your exotic pet of choice so that you are fully prepared for the financial responsibilities of owning that animal.

Some of the costs associated with keeping an exotic pet include:

  • Specialized diets that are formulated specifically for that type of pet. Often these special foods are only available for purchase through specialty pet shops or online sources. These specialized diets may also require special equipment for the actual feeding of your exotic pet.
  • Exotic pet licenses that are required in your area. Most areas do have requirements for licensing for anyone that will own pets that can be considered exotic, and it is important that you obtain these licenses of prior to purchasing your pet so that you do not find yourself in any legal complications
  • Specialized habitats such as cages, aquariums or climbing environments that will promote the health and well-being of your exotic animal according to that particular animal’s natural instincts and behaviors. These specialized habitats should also take into consideration the safety needs of the animal and your family.
  • The costs associated with having to utilize the services of specialized vets familiar with the care and treatment of the particular type of exotic animal that you choose. It is important to find a vet who has an understanding of the diseases and other health complications to which your exotic pet is susceptible so that you can be sure your animal will be well cared for throughout his life.

Joss Reese, guest blogger, spent years studying biology and zoology before becoming a journalist and writer.  Joss has written for a number of nature magazines, news and science blogs, and even financial sites.

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